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Webinar-how to choose the adequate protection of the head? Subscribe!
Submit your participation and take part in the webinar already 2 June 2016
Promotion on the gloves and footwear Ogrifox Yes!
We recommend!
4-in-1 jacket!
We recommend protective jacket with detachable sleeves and inside find working
Recommend leather accessories for tools!
Bags, belts, handles-we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!
Bulletin Of The Personal Protective Equipment-Helmets
Do you know how to adjust the helmet, what is the meaning of the color of the helmet, when you should replace with a new one?
We recommend water-fog fire extinguisher OGM-6XAF
Extinguishing, fire extinguishers, blankets and others-we recommend!
We recommend warning clothing LH-FMNX
High quality and comfort!
World brands in one place!
We recommend the brand leading manufacturers!
Make a cleanup in the garden!
RFLOWER-nylon gloves, ideal for working in the garden.
Protect yourself from pesticides!
Do you remember that plant protection products are among the most harmful compounds to which workers are farmers?
Picnic near!
Recommended products for spring outing!
Feel the quality of 3D technology in your own hands!
Bet on quality! Choose the original DRAGON gloves
Lightweight clothing in the spring!
We recommend a range of products for the spring weather.
We are expanding the scope of the 3 year warranty for the following products!
Now 3 year warranty available for a wider variety of products!
Products for gastronomy
We recommend many products for the catering and food industry!
Professional cleaning TENZI
Super price! Proven quality!
Bet on Leber und Hollamn
Did you know that the selected brand models Leber und Hollman buy now for a special price?
Welding hood-recommended!
artBHP.pl-XLS and CSV file Generator
Simple data export goods to formats XLS and CSV available artBHP.pl management Panel
Super specials on the products of the Active line Stedman!
We recommend a wide range of products STEDMAN
New models of hearing!
We recommend a wide range of hearing protection equipment. Now available the new models!
All of the Stedman products now on sale!
Choose from a wide range of products and many colors!
Welding protective goggles
We recommend new protective goggles
We recommend face shields OTFS!
We invite you to familiarize with the offer of new spray face!
We recommend safety goggles!
A wide range of new protective goggles. Recommended!
BRVIBRANT - shoes secure with steel toecap
We recommend gloves coated with WINHALF3 and WINCUT3
Warmed double layer material, latex coated
VIOLIN - nylon with Lycra
The highest wear resistance factor!
Did you know that the fire extinguisher was invented 200 years ago?
We recommend a range of products from the scope of fire protection
BRSTAPLER - sole with great grip!
Shoes made from Buffalo skin, the category of S1P SRC
TENZI-professional cleaning!
Meet the full range of professional cleaning products
Recommended shirts for women and men in a new color!
Recommended paint marker SOPPEC
Fluorescent marker paint and accessories-recommended!
TREEFROG-a modern insulated jacket for women
A trendy fit, high quality-recommended!
GIBBON - vest warmed
HAWKER-insulated jacket quilted
DARKSTAR-find working jacket with hood!
High quality workmanship and wearing comfort-recommended!
RSPBLUE-INDIANEX-entirely made of bovine leather
Perfect for mechanical work!
RIBBON - excellent grip!
The special ribbed structure provides an ideal grip!
BRVAN-T-shoes secure with steel toecap
High wearing comfort-recommended!
FORMEN - now in red!
We recommend products FORMEN - now available in red!
HONEYBEE-welding gloves
KEVLAR thread sewn soft sponge on hand. Recommended!
Prevent accidents at work!
Did you know that many accidents at work is due to lack of use of personal protective equipment? Create a safe place of work!
RAPTOR-TPR plastic-coated gloves
An ideal barrier for weak beats and vibrations. Do not lose elasticity at low temperatures. Recommended!
R-LONGER - gloves with extended cuff!
Bovine leather reinforced gloves
LH-SHELBY - colored white-grey
High quality jacket made from SOFTSHELL material
Recommended winter products!
Did you know that we offer hundreds of products ideal for the winter? We invite you to familiarize with our offer!
RDUAL-new! Gloves resistant to low temperatures
Gloves resistant to low and high temperatures!
Recommended self-adhesive warning tape!
TASO tape self-adhesive version now
SANDOIL-WIN now in size 8!
We recommend protective gloves-insulated, coated
LH-SKYBLUE - protective jacket with SOFTSHELL material
Comfort and high quality!
Hooded jacket with SOFTSHELL material
High quality and comfort-recommended!
Products with higher visibility!
We recommend a product series LH-XVERT
We recommend cleaning Microfiber
Ideal for help with Christmas orders!
We recommend products brand BRUBECK
See the full range of products
We recommend products RANGER
High quality jacket and pants. Recommended!
Novelty! Tyvek(R) 800J
First suit breathable, impervious to liquid under pressure!
CORTEX - for expedition
Recommended protective ADVENTURE line Sweatshirt
PONCHO in black!
We recommend a protective poncho rain
We recommend the Ansell gloves!
We recommend winter accessories
Caps, scarves, socks, underwear-base layer remember winter accessories!
MSA News!
We recommend new products from MSA
BRNIGER-safe shoes!
We recommend shoes. Category SB SRA
We recommend gloves VENTIS and FLUON-ORANGE
We recommend a modern Dragon gloves
Microfibre cloths-we recommend!
Did you know that ultra-microfibre is twice thinner than silk fibers?
GULF - Protective insulating vest
New! We recommend vest warmed FIRRST. line
GREENWOOD - masking colours!
We recommend a protective shirt with long sleeves
Lighter is now available in yellow!
We recommend warm clothing!
Perfect for winter!
FOKER protective vest!
Recommended for cold days!
Insulated gloves
Time to think about the protection of the hands for the winter-click!
New products in the hygiene and cleanliness!
That it was warm in the legs!
A wide range of socks and winter boots!
ARTBHP.pl-plan your promotions in advance!
New features available! See panel.artbhp.pl
Insulated jacket RELAX!
Meet the full range of gloves DRAGON
Winter overalls
You can not find the winter suit? Click!
Winter sets
See winter sets!
To work in the kitchen!
Featured products for use in the kitchen!
Insulated pants!
Don't forget about the warm pants!
Cleans and cares for your hands!
German technology!
Universal jacket for fall!
KOLIBER - the perfect jacket for men and women!
Ideal for forest trip!
Fleece insulated SOFTSHELL jacket!
CZAZTEK-Hat Ushanka
Perfect for chilly days!
Winter jackets
Time to look for a winter jacket? Click!
Gowns and accessories for catering
We recommend a range of products for hotels and restaurants!
The highest cut resistance!
We recommend Cosmic-5 gloves made from a mixture of cut-resistant
For the autumn low temperatures!
We recommend fleece for fall!
We recommend GREENGO gloves!
A thick tangle of lycra fibres ensures perfect adhesion to the Palm of your hand
Tunics and gowns for Spa & Beauty!
See the offer of new tunics and aprons
Too early for a jacket?
We recommend a wide range of jackets, wind-resistant, windproof, breathable
We recommend forearm protectors
RNIT-REVEX nitrile gloves – recommended!
KPLPU-rain suit perfect for security!
KPL-RAINER-for rainy days!
We recommend hats, polypropylene CZE-CLIP!
We recommend gloves OCEAN!
We recommend protective gloves RHIPPER!
We recommend a professional shoes BRYES-S-OB
SK-SOMMER-for summer!
We recommend short pants with FIRRST. line
Clothing Cook Food HCL
Alphatec 58-270 - ideal protection against chemicals
We recommend the Ansell gloves
Mechanics Gloves - for special tasks!
We recommend RMC line gloves
LH-PIXLER - we recommend!
We recommend high-quality protective pants with lots of pockets
Caps for summer!
We recommend a wide range of perfectly suitable for work and leisure
Great protection against rain!
We recommend rain clothing
Bath slippers!
We recommend bathing slippers
Products for the summer!
We recommend products ideal for summer
We recommend FORECO product line
New models of sneakers!
We recommend that new models of sneakers
ANSELL Products
New products in our offer
We recommend RFROZEN gloves
Mobile artBHP.pl
Use artBHP.pl wherever you are!
MSA Products!
MSA products now in our offer!
What is the difference between polyester from nylon?
PVC socks
We recommend PVC socks
ANRO Signs
We recommend signs ANRO
Recommended for roadmen!
For pavers!
Do you know how many threats affected is paver?
We recommend for farmers!
Recommended products for farmers
Meet the full range of DRAGON gloves
Ideal for women-see now!
See the offer of chemistry for cleaning
Check out the full range of chemical agents available in our offer!
R-CUT Gloves
We recommend gloves protecting aginst cut!
ESD anti-static gloves
Towels-discover the wide offer!
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of towels.
Diagnostic gloves
We recommend disposable diagnostic gloves made of nitrile!
We recommend the OGRIFOX brand products!
OGRIFOX gloves are now available for sale!
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